Instructor Training

Thinking of becoming a driving instructor?

Becoming a driving instructor is a career that should not be taken lightly.
You need to be in it for the right reasons. There are too many instructors who are all to eager to pull the wool over a pupils eyes by not giving them value for money, whether it be parking up, giving an unnecessary briefing to save on petrol; milking pupils for extra lessons when they don’t need them; clipping time off lessons or keeping them on the same few roads lesson after lesson where the pupil gains no variety of experience.

I believe that teaching is a vocation. You are teaching a life skill. It’s not about passing the test, it’s about pupils learning to drive and on today’s roads they need all of the help that you can give them.

From the first few lessons where they are so nervous that you think they are out to kill you, to the day they take their test and the expression on their face when they pass, this is a journey that you undertake together.

You give them all that you’ve got and trust me your business will prosper.
Teaching driving instructors demands the same high standard of commitment from you as well as me, it’s about getting you through the entire course and out the other end fully qualified. To that end I will need to be sure that you’re making the right choice and that this career is right for you.

You will need to be friendly, understanding, adaptable and above all, patient. If a pupil can’t do something, it’s because you haven’t taught it properly. At Ambassador we adapt our teaching methods to suit each individual pupil.
These courses aren’t cheap. There are too many people who sign up for driving instructor courses without really knowing what to expect and end up with a big hole in their bank balance and no qualification. If I think that you are not suited to the course I will tell you.

I’m only interested in teaching people to become driving instructors who will always have the commitment to be the best that they can and have the ability to pass that onto their pupils.

If you think that is you, i would like to meet you.

Bill Wheeler